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      • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
      • In the goat calander year of 3131, the goats village on the green grassland was peaceful and rich. There were schools, supermarkets and beauty saloons in the village, where goats enjoyed their peaceful and happy life.
        However, on the opposite side of the river, the wolf couple Wolffy and Wolnie were greedily peeking at such adorable goats and wanted them to be their delicious meal. Thus, Wolnie thought they had made a right decision to leave their wolf clan and she always pushed her husband to catch the goats.
        When Wolffy showed up in the goats village and attacked in front of the goats, they realized how awful and ugly the wolves could be for the first time, which was exactly the same as recorded on a book inherited from their ancestors.
        Of course, Wolffy found it hard to pass the iron fence, which was used to protect the goats. At the same time, the head of the village, Slowy, asked the smartest goat, Weslie, to keep watch in order to protect the village .
        Wolffy wanted to break the defense in order to catch goats, but he always failed and got punished by his wife thanks to the wise fighting back from the unity of the goats . Probably the toughest wolf in the forest, Wolffy never gave upon his will to prey. Besides, he had created new weapons and tools to assist him. When he used them to catch goats and brought them home, somehow, goats
        broke away! Terribly sorry for him...
      • Happy,Happy,Bang! Bang!
      • A lot of changes are taking place in the Green Grassland this year. Wilie has grown up and become very unsettled at home. He has grown up and become a real wolf. Whilst for the goats, Paddi has a brief experience in the supernatural power after hitting by an apple from a tree. Most of the other goats are still studying hard; Slowy never stops at inventing miraculous machines; Wolfy and Wolnie keep attempting to catch a goat; Weslie continues to outwit others and Wilie is still adored of his innocence. Constant changes in the Green Grassland have become the dominant force to bring fun and joy to children all over the world.
      • The Athletic Carousel
      • Sports Day which takes place once in every four decades has come to an end. Those goat tribes who lost out are not content to be outdone and would like to stage another contest. The patriarchis in agreement yet Slowy is against it. Wolffy wants the contest to take place as it is a golden opportunity for him to get the goats. He therefore pretends to be a wrongful goat who needs Slowy to sign off a paper to bail him out. The paper turns out to be the agreement for staging the contest. Slowy can’t revoke his signature but to pass. Yet, he requests to make the contest the funniest – “The Athletic Carousel”. Goats are racing on clouds, running a regatta on the dessert, hurdle racing over rainbows, flowers are in full bloom when Tibbie are tying up bows, grass used in the culinarycontest turning to cake, firefighting one’s rage, etc. The carousel has created a lot more excitements and nurtured huge team efforts, friendship and fun. One just cannot miss.
      • Happy Formula
      • A legendary“Wolffy the King” car was born from a colorful painted egg. It isa revolutionaryhigh-speed vehicle created by Wolffy to catch goats. At the same time, the Goats also got their new and exciting cars from the colorful painted eggs. A new Wolffy pursuit of the Goats began.
        Not only the story between the Wolf and the Goats was about speed, it was also full of laughter. Wolffy, driving his legendary “Wolffy the King” car, chased the Goats all the way from Green Green Grassland to even up to the sky and down to the sea.During this journey, cunning Wolffy had also brought along his new weapons. Every time, the Goats successfully escaped from Wolffy’s attacks by their tactics and courage. Happy Formulais a fun and exciting story which is full of joy and energy
      • The Happy Diary
      • Slowy wants the goats to write; he therefore requests them to keep a diary.
        The goats write down their daily happenings and thoughts in the diary. Including the case that all goats work together to escape from the mist developed by Wolffy to catch them; Sparky is in fear of its snore will disturb other goats, he sleeps alone outside and meets Wolffy, both of them have mutual sympathy for each other; Jonie tries every possible way to stop being a big mouth; Tibbie has made herself a cause of ridicule simply because she wants to do a nice bow; Paddi is still content and care free; Slowy has invented a spray to entice the goats to read yet; Wolffy comes out from the book which makes the goat village in chaos.
        Wolffy is also writing his diary yet his is very inspirational and forward looking by summarising all his experiences of catching goats and drawing learning from them.
        All the goats are optimistic; whatever distress they go through will only be delights to their lives. The diary has become a very happy and memorable recollection. This is why it is named: The Happy Diary.
      • Paddy The Amazinc Cook
      • Paddy was so greedy that he sneaked into the kitchen. However, he knocked over the sauce box accidentally. Because of that, Aunt Merry ran away and the relish of the Tasty Kingdom had disappeared.
        Life was no fun without taste. In order to restore the relish of the Tasty Kingdom, Paddy became a chef, and organized a “Kids Food Tour” together with the Five Treasures and other goats. They had cooked numerous fresh and delicious foods. However, Aunt Merry was very fussy about food. Her taste kept on changing and was so difficult to follow. Together with the troubles created by Wolffy, there were many obstacles in front of the Goats. In the end, being inspired by delicious foods, Aunt Merry revealed the password “Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty! Let’s go for delicious food!” The relish of the Tasty Kingdom was finally restored.
      • Smart Dodging
      • In this new year, the goats on the Green Grassland continue to lead a happy life and make acquaintances including Wolffy’s son Wilie. Despite all these, the goats are still in danger because Wolffy never gives up the idea of catching goats to bring to Wolnie. To crush Wolffy’s conspiracy, the goats invent many miraculous tools with the help of Slowy. These whimsical inventions do not only protect the goat village, but also bring lots of fun and hilarity to the goats’ life.
      • Goats Happy A Year
      • The pleasant goats and all the other villagers have been enjoying their peaceful and happy life on the Greengrass Land. The wolf couple, Wolffy and Wolnie, is always looking for every possible and impossible ways in order to catch a prey or two. And yet they are always failed by Weslie. The story is about the endless intelligent fighting between the wolves and the goats, which is funny and hilarious for children.
      • Goats Games
      • Goats from various tribes were gathering together on the Greengrassland to participate in the magnificent 125th Goats Sports Games. There were many strong rivals such as the Argali, the speedy Tibetan antelopes, the flexible robot goat and so on. Many of the games including shooting, aquatics, diving, gymnastics and ping-pong brought lots of tough challenges to Green Grasslanders.
        Knowing that winning the champion could become the leader of the goats, Wolffy and his wife disguised as goats to take part in. Who would be the final winner? Let’s join the games.